Thursday, June 17, 2010


Holiday is effin bored. Nothing else to do except for going to pavillion, klcc and wwm . Wattah ? Those places are getting boring-er and boring-er kay ? Sooo, im going on a vacation to kuantan with my family tomorrow ... I guess ._. Or maybe the next day. But, whatever. And and, I tried not to be emo since last month and i feel brand new, wheeee :D I mean, its fun not being emo and all, it is, no lies (: But, i am emo sometimes when theres some little things going on but not for long. Just for a while. Hehe. Everybody's emo when somethings wrong right ? Hikz hikz.I am right, right ? K, no ? K, whatever. So, i have a problem with my eyes right now, i feel like poking my eyes, no joke. Sooo, im gonna stop typing, like right now . . . Waaait, before that, I MISS MY FRIENDS :( Alaaaa, school is just by the corner right ? Sabar jap. Okok, im gonna stop typing now. Im serious, no, i am serious, soooo, byeeeeeeee !

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