Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I .... Am ...... Crazy ......

I think i lost my mind. Shiaaat. I kinda miss blogging. But, blogging is kinda complicated. That's why i hate blogging. And i dont know what to write about ! Noobshit, i know. Tell me about it. Soo, Sofea gave me her old phone. The phone looks like brand new actually. Well, whatever it is, THANK YOU MAMAK NOPEA I LOVE YOU SO FREAKING MUCH  comel en ? Hukz hukz x] Dah sayang kau lama dah sbnrnya, tak nak mengaku je. Oh oh ! i lose weight. Weeeee, im so proud.  I lost 2 kg. Its not that much, but still, its better than not losing weight at all. I am suppose to go to the mosque right now. Why ? Apa lagi, solat tarawih lerr -___- Maleeeeeeh aahhh. Teehee.